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Yoga Intern | Thankful Yoga

Yoga is definitely something to be thankful for. At YoKid we are especially thankful for Kid’s yoga! Last Wednesday, I was having a rougher-than-normal time teaching my ten radiant and off-the- wall yogis at Bailey’s Elementary School.  A lot of things were going wrong and a negative attitude was starting to get the better of […]

You Get Out of Your Practice What You Put Into It

I recently read an article that discussed a study that claimed that, while the physical benefits of yoga are founded, the emotional and mental benefits that yoga practitioners and teachers claim are not necessary apparent.  I thought this was an interesting article because, anecdotally, most folks, including myself, who practice yoga experience many of the […]

Yoga Intern | Make Personal Health a Priority

By: Rhiannon L. Someone reminded me recently that the key to really giving back to others is to first take care of yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally. It is easy to spread yourself thin with the overarching desire to help make a difference in someone’s life or in the world. Or more basically, with the […]

Non-Instant Gratification

We live in a culture that values and desires instant gratification.  And, we live with all kinds of tools that allow us to fulfill and, in turn, intensify those desires: the internet (wireless/DSL – no waiting around for that slow, tedious dial-up anymore!), overnight shipping (of items we’ve ordered from said-internet), smart phones and iPads […]