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Yoga for the Lil’ Ones

Yesterday, one of my adult yoga students asked me if I had any suggestions for DVDs to use at home with her 2 year old twins.  She told me that she’s noticed that when she does her practice at home, her little ones have started mimicking her doing Downward Facing Dog pose and Tree pose, […]

Yoga Intern | Yoga in the Classroom: Join the Movement!

As many of you may already know, the wonderful co-founder of YoKid…Stretch Your Limits, Michelle Kelsey Mitchell, was featured in a delightful article by the Chicago Tribune entitled “Yoga in the Classroom”. I have to admit, I almost teared up a little as I read the article realizing all that it stood for. Seeing Michelle […]

Studio Yoga vs. School Yoga

I journeyed over to Henderson Middle School today to see one of our very first Richmond YoKid programs in action.  I arrived right before the kids were getting ready to move to their “yoga room” a.k.a the middle school Health Room.  The school was bustling with kids being dismissed from the school’s after-school program, heading […]