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YoKid Yoga Class Tip: Mandalas

Mandalas are fantastic for focusing the mind and creating a sense of peace and stillness for the person who is coloring.  Use these as an activity with your students of ALL ages.  For smaller children use mandalas that are less intricate and use crayons. Provide more intricate mandalas for older children/teens and use colored pencils […]

YoKid Staff Interview: Jessica

Name: Jessica Purtell Job Title: Volunteer Coordinator Days/Months/Years working for YoKid: 6 months Favorite part of your job: being part of something awesome for kids!! Other job(s) that you currently hold: yoga teacher Favorite thing to do in your spare time: hike, picnic, be outside with my family. Age when you started practicing yoga: 21 […]

The Wonders of Savasana

Sa-va-sa-na, I ask my students to sound out this Sanskrit word (meaning corpse pose) on day one of yoga camp. Once they master this tongue-twister,  I challenge them to try it, meaning that they must be completely still in their minds and in their bodies. I tell them this is the hardest pose in yoga, […]

YoKid Staff Interview: Michelle

Name: Michelle Kelsey Mitchell Job title: Executive Director Days/Months/Years working for YoKid: 6 years Favorite part of your job: knowing that the end result of the YoKid team’s efforts is more kids doing more yoga! Other job(s) you currently hold: none Favorite thing to do in your spare time: Flying kites with my family Age […]