Karmic Giving with YoKid

Karma means action and reaction. It refers to the entire cycle of action and its consequences.

The capacity to perform truly selfless actions-actions that benefit all beings-is called karma yoga. Karma yoga is selfless service, or service to others without expectation of any outcome.

Let’s share this ancient wisdom and rule of action and reaction with our children in this season of giving. As they ask for certain toys or video games (or pets!), we can encourage them to take on a selfless act of service with the goal of letting go of any expectations. In our household, Santa is very much alive, and we use him as an example of a being who gives without expecting anything back in return. Whatever it may be that your household is celebrating this holiday season, and whatever magical being is alive in your household this season, we encourage you to find ways to teach selfless action, and the karmic cycle of action and reaction.

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