3 Reasons You Should Think About Teacher Training

YoKid has some great upcoming teacher trainings and I wanted to give you a few reasons to consider joining us:

  • YoKid’s teacher training is for everyone, not just previously certified teachers. Many of our teachers are people who practice yoga and see the benefits of extending that practice to their kids and their kids schools. YoKid doesn’t expect that you are an expert in asana; it’sLove_your_body_2013-193 our job to teach you!
  • Yoga gives kids tools to deal with the stress of their environment and the pressures of growing up. YoKid’s holistic methods work to teach kids about respecting themselves and others and keeping their body healthy and their spirit happy. Teaching kids these methods is one small way to make an impact in your world.
  • YoKid’s community is incredibly supportive. There is definitely a hurdle when you think about trying something new, especially something that requires you to be in front of a group of people. YoKid provides top notch training and relevant resources including classroom management techniques and age-appropriate asanas and affirmations for your students. They are always available if you have questions or need support.

For more information, please check out the Teacher Training section of our website: http://yokid.org/teacher-trainings/yokid-yoga-teacher-certification/

The next training is this weekend (it’s not too late to register!) at Beloved Yoga Studio in Great Falls, VA.


Photo: Bina Photography

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