Do More 24™ is more than just one day of fundraising…it’s the next generation of online giving. We are creating a local movement that leverages the power of the crowd to support our region’s nonprofit organizations through focused, online giving that is directed at creating maximum impact. We have built an innovative platform to allow donors to track the progress of the campaign, see who else is participating and watch the effect of their contributions in real time on June 6. Here is some more general info:

YoKid is participating in this exciting event. All donations on this day should go through the YoKid fundraising page:
Also, YoKid will be hosting 2 yoga events on June 6, one in the AM and one in the PM:

1. Thursday AM: Mind the Mat Yoga – Alexandria (2214 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria VA 22301), 8:00am to 9:00am, $12 minimum donation. People can donate/register upon arrival

2. Thursday PM: lil omm yoga (4708 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC 20016), 8:00pm to 9:00pm, $12 minimum donation. People can donate/register upon arrival (

Uber is offering $24 credit to any new customers that donate $24 on the 6th. The first 500 existing customers that make a $24 donation will get the $24 credit.

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