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YoKid Yoga To Go Finale – Gather round for one last hurrah!

It’s our last week of summer vacation here in the DC area and wherever you are, chances are you’ll either be hosting or attending an end of summer hurrah. We’ve got some fun ideas for how you can bring a little YoKid fun to your party. Gather around! Have everyone gather around in a large […]

Yoga, Size, & Self-Loving

I just read a really interesting article by Sacha DeVoretz (@SDeVoretz) on the Huffington Post called Am I Too Big For Yoga? Ms. DeVoretz asks some thought-provoking questions in the article – like why do yoga magazines and yoga clothing manufacturers feature tiny, wispy little yogis when in reality so many of us have curves […]

Yoga To Go: The Long Car Ride!

Beach bucket? Check. Suit and towel? Check. Snacks? Water bottle? Check and check. Nearest beach? Hours away.  This week I packed my family into the car for an impromptu drive to the New England coast for some sun, sand, and seafood. So how can a yoga teacher mom incorporate yoga into seven hours in the […]

YoKid Yoga To Go: Are you at the Beach? 5 Reasons the Beach is Made for Yoga

Are you at the Beach right now? From the looks of many of our Facebook friends and family, lots of people (and possibly you) are at the beach right now. If so, perhaps you’re curious how you can incorporate your yoga practice into your beach vacation. Or maybe you didn’t even think of it, but […]

Did You Know? – Yoga Improves Brain Power More Than Aerobic Exercise

Another study confirms the awesomeness of yoga!  This time comparing yoga with aerobic exercise and their effect on inhibitory control and working memory.  To see the details of the study, find the full article at Bottom Line Publication’s Daily Health News.  In brief, the effects of yoga vs. aerobic exercise or no exercise are quantifiable […]