Did You Know? – Yoga Improves Brain Power More Than Aerobic Exercise

Another study confirms the awesomeness of yoga!  This time comparing yoga with aerobic exercise and their effect on inhibitory control and working memory.  To see the details of the study, find the full article at Bottom Line Publication’s Daily Health News.  In brief, the effects of yoga vs. aerobic exercise or no exercise are quantifiable and beneficial when it comes to boosting brain power.

Image from hathayoga.net

Image from hathayoga.net

“The researchers offered several possible reasons why yoga boosts brain power. Other studies have shown that yoga improves mood, and better mood is associated with better cognitive function. Yoga also reduces the anxiety that can get in the way of tasks that require full attention. In addition, yoga’s emphasis on body awareness and breath control may help enhance the ability to concentrate.”

So, perhaps the next time you are facing something that requires intense concentration, try 20 minutes of yoga beforehand.  You may surprise yourself with your results.

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