YoKid Yoga To Go Finale – Gather round for one last hurrah!

It’s our last week of summer vacation here in the DC area and wherever you are, chances are you’ll either be hosting or attending an end of summer hurrah. We’ve got some fun ideas for how you can bring a little YoKid fun to your party.


Gather around!

Have everyone gather around in a large circle (or small if you don’t have the space). The beauty of the circle gathering, is that it can take place anywhere… In the pool! In the grass! In the sand! Wherever you are.


Begin standing, and ask everyone to close their eyes and tilt their heads back allowing their eyes to gently open and gaze up at the beautiful end-of-summer sky.  Roll your head around a few times and coming back upright, glance side to side at your neighbors, look around the circle and let the warm feelings of gratitude seep in.

Let the fun begin


One by one, allow each guest to take to the center of the circle. Ask each person to silently demonstrate their favorite yoga pose or create one of their own, and when they’re done, the rest of the group may follow suit.  This usually ends with lots of people on the floor laughing.

Group Yoga Poses! Everyone can take palm to palm, and take a stab at ‘Trees in a Forest’. Spread out a bit further and take up a back leg in Warrior 3 for ‘Airplanes’.

Props! You can bring out props to really loosen everyone up. Hula hoops, bubbles, parachutes, balls, all make for an awesome circle.


In the end, invite everyone to either end seated in easy pose, or Sukhasana, or to lie flat on their backs. Perhaps you can take turns expressing “Today I am thankful for….”

Woman with girls (4-8) lying on grass making star shape

Check out our affirmations page here for a list of great affirmations shared by our YoKid teachers and volunteers and feel free to share your ideas for circle fun down below. Happy End of Summer!

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