Join us in TWO days for the YoKid Challenge

The YoKid Challenge is only two days away and we still have lots of slots for families to register to be one of the first 300 to receive free yoga mats and Whole Foods Goodie bags.

What is the YoKid Yoga Challenge?

108 sun salutations for the whole family! The YoKid Challenge is a family oriented health and fitness festival offered to help raise awareness for kids health through fitness and nutrition exercise. Join YoKid and Whole Foods Market for a day dedicated to allowing kids to reach their full potential with healthy bodies and minds.

The Challenge is to complete 108 sun salutations, or as many as possible. You will learn about setting goals and intentions, and the Whole Foods Market Healthy Eating Specialists will teach you about how healthy food can be fun and delicious.

What is a Sun Salutation?

A sun salutation is a sequence of flowing yoga postures. The sequence has many benefits that include energizing and strengthening the body, as well as calming and focusing the mind.

Why 108 sun salutations?

In yoga the number 108 is seen as a number of wholeness.

Here are a couple of pics from last year’s Challenge

And lots more on our Flickr page here!

If you have questions, check out our FAQ’s posting on our blog here:

If you’re ready to register…. You can register now by clicking here!

Hope to see you there!

The YoKid Team

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