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I recently found another organization, Go Grounded, with a similar mission to YoKid – to bring yoga to all kids.  We believe that anyone who is teaching yoga authentically and who is “dedicated to teaching our kids and teens how to find the wisdom within” is doing good.  So I wanted to highlight some of the resources that they have on their web page to supplement YoKid’s resources.  The more tools in the tool box, the better teacher you’ll be, right?Yoga Teacher Training

YoKid’s resource page includes a section of yoga warm-ups used to generate heat within the body.  You can try these at home or add them to a class.  When you are thinking about structuring your class, you may want to turn to YoKid’s Pinterest Boards, which included a section on kid’s yoga, yoga for every body, and yoga poses/sequences.  We have also pinned some kid friendly activities and resources for you to use in your classes or with your friends, so check it out.

You may already be familiar with YoKid’s favorite books – a great list of 35 books to use with kids and teens – but here are a few more recommended by Go Grounded.  These included developmentally appropriate teaching practices, classroom management, and “outer literacy for inner literacy.”  Books from any of these lists can enhance your teaching practice and speak to your students in the classroom.

Finally, if you aren’t already involved with teaching kid’s yoga and you’d like to learn more, you can check out upcoming 20-hour basic teacher trainings here.

YoKid also offers continuing education courses we have a great one coming up!

Teaching Yoga to At-Risk Kids with Becky Eschenroeder & Norah Caldwell $95 (5 hrs)

Sunday, October 20, 2013, 11am-4pm, 532Yoga, Alexandria, VA

This specialty course is for those interested in understanding effective ways to teach yoga to kids who come from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. This training will cover developmental characteristics and effective methods for behavior management specific to at-risk youth (K-12th), the nature of poverty and the psychological impact of these stressors on the brain, how brains can change, and yoga’s role in that positive change.

The course includes lecture, discussion, practice teaching, and practical methods of management to keep your yoga classroom engaging and beneficial for your students.

You can register here.

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