Archives for October 2013

Volunteer Spotlight – Kendra Wesley

YoKid has so many incredible volunteers that keep the wheels spinning.  We’d like to start highlighting some of the people who make our organization run smoothly.  Kendra Wesley is one of the longest running YoKid volunteers.  She started as one of the first YoKid teachers and currently teaches a number of classes as well as […]

Kids Yoga Around the World – Focus on Africa Yoga Project

I wanted to share with you an awesome story about kids practicing yoga around the world.  In September, CNN released a three-part special about the Africa Yoga Project. If you’re not already familiar with AYP, they teach yoga in Kenya and train teachers there to teach others.  In particular, I thought the video about “relaxing […]

Cosmic Kids YouTube Yoga Stories for inspiration

In our YoKid classes we often use stories for teaching yoga asana and creative play. Sometimes our teachers use books, and sometimes they tell stories and take the students through the movements. If you’re a teacher looking for inspiration, or a parent looking to bring some yogic movement into your household, here’s a great resource. […]