Volunteer Spotlight – Kendra Wesley

YoKid has so many incredible volunteers that keep the wheels spinning.  We’d like to start highlighting some of the people who make our organization run smoothly. acro in artemesia sep 1 2012 Kendra Wesley is one of the longest running YoKid volunteers.  She started as one of the first YoKid teachers and currently teaches a number of classes as well as coordinating the other YoKid volunteers.  If you are a new volunteer with YoKid, or if you’re interested in teaching with us, you will probably work with Kendra during the application and interview process.  You can find more information about volunteering here.
1.  What made you want to teach yoga to children?
I’ve always had a love of teaching, a love of working with kids, and with my then, recently-completed yoga training it seemed a natural path to pursue. I think most practitioners who decide to teach yoga do so from their own, usually transformational, experience, be it physical, emotional/mental, or spiritual, and we recognize the value of sharing this with others. Those of us who have a desire to bring the practice to kids realize how important and practical it is to give our youth.
2.  What do you love most about teaching with YoKid?
I can tell you quite honestly that I have loved my work with YoKid from the first day I taught at Savoy Elementary in SE DC. After my first class I vividly remember a feeling of being completely smitten. I actually said to a friend “I feel like those kids and I had a date with destiny.” I think YoKid has a very unique and thoughtfully planned program structure, and I love how the organization supports you in your own growth, creativity, and autonomy as a teacher.
3.  How has working with kids made an impact on you as a yoga teacher and person?  I believe I’m a more light-hearted – even silly, and definitely a more enriched person both personally and professionally.  Since there are no better teachers of tuning into “in this moment, right now, what do I need?” than children, I get to practice the art of ‘go with the flow’ often.  I’m truly grateful for these daily practice partners and little gurus!

4.  Do you have any social media profiles that you’d like to highlight?  I was recently introduced to Project Zen Empowerment by Lizandra Vidal, which aims to empower young women in Haiti by giving them a safe and nurturing space where they will learn asana, meditation, and life skills such as financial literacy and health and wellness education. I may be headed there in the next year to teach, and I encourage other teachers who would like to give of their time and talents to check out their website or on facebook at Project Zen (or see how you can support this much needed work – http://startsomegood.com/projectzen).

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