Volunteer Spotlight – Sophia Brock

YoKid wants to thank another excellent volunteer – Sophia Brock.  Without our volunteers, our organization wouldn’t be the vibrant and flourishing non-profit that it is.  We deeply appreciate our volunteers and the good work that they do in bringing yoga to kids throughout our area.  If you are interested in volunteering with YoKid, please see http://yokid.org/how-do-volunteer/ for more information about how to lend your talents to our team.  No prior teaching experience is necessary to become a teacher and you can find more information, including upcoming teacher trainings here: http://yokid.org/20-hr-basic-courses-registration/


What made you want to teach children?  I remember how peaceful & calm I would feel after a class and thought what if kids did this in school?  I remembering saying to someone that 30 minutes of yoga should be part of schools’ curriculum.


What do you love most about teaching with YoKid?  Hanging out & playing on the mat with the students.


How has working with children made a positive impact on you as a yoga teacher and person?  It has made me a more patient person.

Thanks again, Sophia!

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