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Connecting Throughout this Holiday Season – A 2-Minute Guide

This morning I taught a yoga class themed around CONNECTING – the connection between you and your mat, the connection between you and your breath, you and your heart, and you and the others around you. Pause for a moment to feel your feet on the floor. Are you at your desk? Feel the texture […]

A holiday guided visualization: A Visit to Santa’s House

I often use guided visualization in the end of my YoKid kids yoga classes. Some of my favorites are the rainbow painting visualization and the special place visualization, so here I’ve taken the latter and given it a little holiday infusion.  It has been a hit, several of my students yesterday told me that they […]

5 Reasons “Why Yoga” for Kids & Teens

As a co-founder and Executive Director of YoKid, adult yoga teacher, and kids yoga teacher I am consistently asked to answer the question,”Why yoga?” and more specifically, “Why do kids and teens need to do yoga?” More and more, I have had the delight to interact with people who do seem to get it.  But […]

Volunteer Spotlight – Amy Morrison

YoKid continues to highlight our awesome and inspiring volunteers.  This week we chatted with Amy Morrison. What made you want to teach children?  I just love kids! I am a mom of two and also substitute teach at my children’s preschool also. It is wonderful to introduce little people to new concepts and ideas. They […]