10 Free Resources that YoKid provides for YOU!

You may have visited us in a studio or rec class, but have you visited our Resources page? In our mission to bring the benefits of yoga to ALL children and teens, we’re working to provide you with a wealth of resources. We’ve got our top 10 resources listed below for you to explore!

#1 YouTube videos

We have a YouTube channel where you can view videos of specific warm-ups and poses for inspiration, and where you can follow a full class right from the comfort of your own home.


#2 Relaxation Activities

Need a little help getting your little ones to wind down at the end of the day. We’ve got a great relaxation page with tips from our yoga classes and a video of one of our teachers leading savasana to help you get them settled.

#3 Book Lists

Books and stories provide endless opportunities to teach poses, yogic concepts, and mindfulness exercises. They can help you to get really creative with creating poses after your favorite stories, or they can help the children to settle down into the final resting period, or savasana, of a class. See our book list for some of our favorites.

#4 Music Lists

Music can make bringing yoga into your household or classroom much easier, can help you to set the tone, and can also lead the way if you yourself are not a trained children’s yoga teacher.  Some songs on our list will tell you and your little followers exactly where to place your feet and when to jump them back into down dog!

#5 Affirmations Lists

Affirmations are a key component in children’s yoga. We’ve compiled a list of favorite affirmations from our highly trained children’s yoga instructors, from our favorite books, and from our very own households. Visit our Affirmations page for a list of 64 Affirmations and a video of affirmations in action.

#6 Research 

YoKid is a working to be a national leader in the children’s yoga forefront and in addition to conducting and reporting our own research,  we’re constantly following up and sharing our findings on the matter.

#7 Our Blog

Follow our blog for links to awesome yoga videos from kids yoga organizations we admire, like the Cosmic Kids Yoga series, and use this as an outlet to get in touch with us and let us know what you’d like to see more of!

#8 Games and #9 Activities

Follow our newsletter for yoga game ideas and free printable worksheets. We’re adding a new Games page to our website, and be on the lookout for our upcoming YoKid Coloring and Activity Book.

#10 Community Classes & Events

Last fall our Annual YoKid Challenge was completely free. Not only was the event free, we teamed up with Whole Foods to provide free snacks and goodie bags, and free yoga mats for all attendees.  You can also find us at DC area health and wellness festivals, and at the National Green Festival.  Check out our Events page or follow us on Facebook to find out when our next free event is!

If there are any additional resources you’d like to see on our Resources page, please feel free to post in the comments section below.


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