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Are you free this weekend? Join Us For Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

Mindfulness is a tool growing in recognition and has been making headlines across the nation. published a study on the many benefits of mindfulness including how it can help kids with ADHD, anxiety, autism and depression. Read their full article here. What exactly is Mindfulness? Join us for a long awaited class to find out! […]

Earth Day Challenge: Can You Unplug Your Household For Earth Day?

We recently heard from an awesome family their Earth Day tradition… Going Powerless! This family makes a pact to go as close to powerless as they can.  No cooking on the stove, no lights, no tv, no iDevices! image courtesy of Getty Images Imagine waking up in the morning without your alarm clocks. Perhaps you’d […]

Spring2Action TODAY! And what are you up to THIS WEEKEND!

    We’re sure you’ve heard the buzz about our BIG Annual Spring2Action online fundraising event today , But did you know that this weekend we’re also hosting a 3-Day Teacher Training? If you were hoping to get a full certification before summer, or maybe just a day or two of CEU’s, this is your […]