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Easy DIY Mat Cleaner using Essential Oils

After a class outside on the playground, our Kulae YoKid mats get very dirty. It’s a small price to pay for the joy of truly saluting the sun outside with our students.  To lighten the burden on the teacher, and to add a little spice to the end of the class, consider inviting the students […]

Can You Hold A 4 Minute Plank? Come Show Us In 2 Weeks!

By now, we’re sure you’ve either heard of or attended our much loved Planks & Pints event. An evening of yoga and brew, doesn’t it sound like the perfect way to end your week?   If you’re not convinced, see some of our Facebook pics and posts! Planks & Pints is a great opportunity for […]

“P” Past “N” Now “F” Future Mindfulness Activity for Teens (And Adults)

In a recent post, we highlighted the up and coming daylong Mindfulness for Teens workshop in at the Center For Mindful Living in Washington DC.  Inspired by this, I’d like to share a fun Mindfulness Activity for teens. This activity was inspired by Gina M. Biegel who adapted the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for […]

Day of Mindfulness for Teens in Washington DC

As research into the benefits of mindfulness is spreading, we are beginning to see more and more of the benefits of mindfulness extended to children & teens.  Some of the many benefits include: increased focus fewer mood swings reduced stress increased memory retention cultivation of kindness and compassion and so much more For a fun […]

A Mindful Eating Exercise To Eliminate After School Hunger Pains

As YoKid teacher and co-founder of Zomppa, an organization dedicated to transforming kids’ relationships with food and the planet, Belinda Chiu figured combining food and yoga as mediums for raising awareness could be a powerful (and fun-and delicious) combination. Here’s her story:   “As a first-time YoKid instructor, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Zomppa’s curriculum dedicates time to […]