If All Board Retreats Were Held On The Mat

This weekend we’ll hold our 2nd annual board retreat in Alexandria, VA and I’m thrilled!  Our retreats are part reflection, part strategic planning, a little bit of good food, a lot of good snack, and begin and end with yoga.  The coolest part… We are on the mat all day!  At any given moment, one of us is likely to break out in asana.

board retreat

As a YoKid team member, it was quite fascinating to see the timeline of YoKid’s history, it’s journey as a seed of an idea amongst two talented and devoted middle school teachers/counselors/yogi’s to it growth into a wide reaching non-profit organization bringing yoga classes to schools, community centers, gyms, shelters, community fairs, festivals, and so much more.  YoKid has partnered with dozens of reputable partners in the DC metro area and sprawling, and continues to grow, evident in our 2012 Annual Report.  This year we have so much to celebrate and so much to look forward to, namely our First Annual National Kids Yoga Conference.  At last year’s board retreat, the conference was a dream coming to fruition, and we are now in the thick of preparations and presenter communications.

We’ll host our founders Michelle Kelsey Mitchell (Alexandria) and Ellie Burke (Richmond) , our office staff, and our Board of Directors.


Thank you to all of our teachers, followers and families for your continued support. YoKid is growing because of your dedication to bringing the benefits of yoga and meditation to ALL kids & teens.

Is there something more you‘d like to see from YoKid? Please share your input, ideas, needs… We want to hear from you!


The YoKid team

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