One Boy’s Summer-y Sun Salutations … On the Beach!

YoKid Kai is rarely seen without his soccer ball, but he does enjoy ending his summer days with a few sun salutations on the beach. Here Kai guides us through his salutations in 9 easy steps:

Salutation Grid


And sometimes… sometimes… Kai ends in ‘Starfish’ pose lying on his back in the sand.  No mat necessary! We suggest taking advantage of the cooler evening hours just before sunset. If you’re practicing as a family, you have several options for positioning yourselves. Our family of four sits parallel, 2 members on each side facing each other.


SONY DSCFor odd numbers and larger groups, we at YoKid set up in a starburst, circular seating group with a little space at the center.  The space at the center leaves just enough room for creative circle oriented games and for kids to take the lead, Kai’s favorite!  You can also face the ocean in a row, enjoying the view.  If you’re on the east coast as we are and you’d like to see the sunset, turn that row around and enjoy the sunset as you lie in ‘Starfish’.



If you’re not at the beach, you can adapt your summer salutations to wherever you are. Your own backyard, a neighborhood park, a campsite in the woods, wherever you are. We love seeing pictures of our YoKids on the road, will you send us pictures of you practicing your summer salutations?  Log onto Facebook or Twitter and #YoKidSummerSalutations, or Send them to us at


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