Presenter Spotlight: Jen Robertson

Jen Robertson
Founder and President
Chicago Kids Yoga


Jen Robertson, RYT & RCYT, is the Founder and President of Chicago Kids Yoga LLC and Event Director of the Chicago Kids Yoga Fest, an all ages celebration of yoga, meditation, seva and kirtan.

Read our interview with Jen and join us at the National Kids Yoga Conference in September to hear more from her! Jen will offer a workshop in the Business Yoga track entitled “Social Media Illuminated for Your Yoga Business..”

KYC: How long have you been teaching kids yoga? What inspired you to get started?

Jen: I’ve been teaching yoga for the past five years and kids yoga specifically for the past two years. I’ve always been inspired by my own experience learning yoga when I was 4 years old and then teaching my two children. We see yoga as a life practice, not just a physical practice, so it grounds all aspects of everyday life and challenges us to focus on kindness and compassion.

KYC: Tell us about that one pivotal experience—the student, class or moment—that keeps you going even when your work gets challenging.

Jen: Whenever the parents (of my students) show me photos of their kids in their bedroom quietly sitting in meditation or doing an asana spontaneously at the beach, I am so grateful that I get to share this powerful practice. Those moments reinforce that my students are integrating yoga effortlessly and independently into their lives and infusing the power of the practice into their family life as well.

KYC: What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Jen: The true connection is everything for me. I love the honesty in and out of class working and collaborating with people of all ages. Yoga brings us back into truth, even though we may stray from it from time to time. Yoga allows us to come back and open a new door of understanding. It’s an ever-changing revelation of love and joy for me and I love sharing the journey with others.

KYC: What brings you the deepest joy in your own yoga practice and in sharing yoga with kids?

My own practice has been a safe haven throughout the 40 years that I have been practicing. Like coming home, my practice affords me the self love and acceptance that inspires me to be in service to others. When I share yoga with kids, I am always astounded at how easily they accept certain aspects of the practice whether it’s alternate nostril breathing or kirtan, they bring their open hearts and they don’t question like we do as adults. Practicing with kids has allowed me to stay in my heart space and be more open to receiving. They inspire me.

KYC: What is your favorite yoga pose?

Jen: My physical body feels powerfully grounded in eka pada rajakapotasana and my spirit soars after doing kapalabhahti. I have several spinal injuries from a near fatal accident when I was young so I’m extremely grateful for my ever changing practice.

KYC: Describe your vision for the future of kids yoga.

Kids yoga is moving from just a physical practice to exploring of all eight limbs of yoga with children and their families. Our practice with kids and families will be expanding to focus on mediation, community service and our responsibilities as people moving through the world. When practicing together, whether it is in school or at home or with friends, our young people are finding a way to connect in a world that is moving towards more disconnected activities. Yoga helps kids achieve the type of balance needed to do good work in the modern world.

Jen Robertson will be presenting at the first ever National Kids Yoga Conference in Washington, DC, on September 27. Click here to register for this groundbreaking event.

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