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Pleasance Silicki
lil omm yoga

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Pleasance Silicki is a yoga teacher & owner of lil omm yoga in Washington, DC who is passionate about wellness, play, yoga and life. Pleasance is a community leader who supports and leads workshops, classes and sessions to help  people connect to themselves and their families. Pleasance is a co-founder of the NKYC.

How long have you been teaching kids yoga? What inspired you to get started? I have been teaching yoga for 10 years! And working with kiddos for all of my life.. in camps and schools and daycare centers. I LOVE working with youth and integrating my passion for kiddos and yoga was so natural for me. I started integrated yoga and youth when I was a Public School teacher and administrator.

Tell us a bit more about your work. What does a typical class [or day] look like? Who is the community or population that you serve?  

My days vary so much! I love it! Most days I wake EARLY and spend time meditating, on my mat, writing, painting, walking or taking a sweaty fitness class. Then I spend time with my family before I go to work. I often spend most days working on admin tasks for our yoga studio 1-2 hours a day, and then meeting with community leaders or teaching yoga. I like to spend time with our yoga teachers and students so I often have a lunch of coffee or walking date with another small business owner, yoga teacher, or yoga student before I pick up the kids and then become MOM until bedtime. Then I read and I’m almost always in bed before 10. Pretty simple.

What are the specific ways you think yoga can be helpful for kids?

It’s simple. Yoga helps teach us all how to treat ourselves and our bodies more kindly, how to embrace who we are, how to relate to others and to our natural world, how to play and feel good, how to self regulate, how to be kind.. the list goes on and on! For our family, yoga is a way for us to be together. We stretch and sit and sing and just love being on our yoga mats. It’s just part of our lifestyle- how we treat ourselves AND how we treat others.  Yoga is important for kids, of course, but I also think it’s important for ADULTS to model for children their own practices–for kids to SEE adults meditating, being away from technology, being reflective, walking in nature…

Tell us about that one pivotal experience—the student, class or moment—that keeps you going even when your work gets challenging. The work can be challenging but when I am in a good spacious place, I can see the bigger impact our studio has on the community, on lives. When I am stressed, overworked/ overwhelmed, I have a hard time seeing the bigger picture. Because I run a studio, I have so many teachers and students who rely on the community as a place to give them peace, happiness, calm… connection. And I KNOW this because I feel it in my own life as well. Even when it gets hard, I sometimes just go alone to the studio, turn on some great tunes and enjoy the space. Sometimes I invite other teachers to join me. And that’s it- it’s YOGA, it’s connection, community, family, bliss, it’s so simple and yet, SUCH A GIFT to have this practice.

Who or what inspires you the most in your work?

My kids, of course! Seeing them grow up in a yoga studio? How awesome for them to learn the language, to see all the KINDNESS that radiates from our studio, to see them be gentle and loving to the brand new babies or the grandparents who come in… we are so lucky! My mom worked at a bar when I was a kiddo so for me, the contrast is real. The culture and values are so different. It’s subtle-I don’t have to TELL them how to treat people they see it modeled in the yoga community, every day. I get to be generous and creative everyday and that’s also something that I hope inspires them. When they are difficult, I return to practice. It has given me ways to see truth, to relax into the changes, to zoom out, to just be RATHER than engaging, perfecting, wanting things to be different than they are.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?  

Helping our community learn yoga, meditation, and providing a safe home that nurtures and nourishes those who come to us. I love what we do. Seeing mamas come for prenatal, then baby/me and then come to adult classes just for them–THAT’S BLISS.

What brings you the deepest joy in your own yoga practice and in sharing yoga with kids?

That it’s always a place I can start again. That the more I practice, the more it’s part of my life. That I want MORE time on my mat now to be creative and connect with myself and others and that it’s ALWAYS changing. My deepest joy is also being a student. I LOVE being a student of yoga and meditation and then sharing what I notice.

What is your favorite yoga pose?

Easy Pose. Meditation Pose. Pause Pose. Anything where we can sit and breathe and tune in.

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