Meet the Staff

Anne Parmer – Administrative Assistant

AnneAnne started practicing yoga at the right time in her life – a time that required introspection and something physically demanding – and through her practice she found peace and a connection to herself.   A natural leader, Anne recently graduated from the Yoga on Chocolate Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship Program, based on the Baptiste style of power vinyasa.  She loves the physical and the philosophical side of a yoga practice and has volunteered with yoga events like the Caribbean Yoga Conference, Wanderlust, and has been involved in intensive workshops.  Inspired by The Africa Yoga Project, Anne organized Yoga@AllisonHill, a program dedicated to providing free yoga classes to the Allison Hill area of Harrisburg, PA.  She enjoys connecting with those around her and finding ways to make a challenge fun.  Anne is a 2003 graduate of Lebanon Valley College and an MBA student at Penn State.  Anne is also a professional pianist and harpist, who teaches piano lessons and performs for special events.  She loves being a mom to her son, Austin, and if she’s not with him, you can find her reading or planning her next adventure.  Email:


Jessica Purtell – Volunteer Coordinator

Jessica was first introduced to yoga in 1999 at a spa in upstate NY when she took a laughing pranayama class. She was transformed during the class and walked away feeling light, happy, and different – in a really good way. She didn’t let go of that feeling, but did not start yoga classes until a few years later in 2002, and she was hooked. As her practice continued she began to reap the benefits of yoga. Jessica feels that when she practices regularly she has total clarity – her mind and body feel strong and she feels spiritually connected to the devine. In 2008, after her first child was born and she became a stay at home mom, Jessica increased her yoga practice and found yoga opened even more doors, connecting her with like-minded moms. In 2010 Jessica completed her 200 hour certification at Pure Prana Yoga Studio in Old Town Alexandria. She currently stays home with her two children and incorporates yoga in their every day.  Email:


Tisha Vaska-Event Coordinator

Tisha’s first yoga experience came via a library book she checked out her freshman year of college. Intrigued by the philosophy and movement of the practice she knew it was something she wanted to learn more about. Her first studio experience was at Seattle Yoga Arts, where she took an Intro to Yoga series, and since then she has continued to expand her practice across the country.

Originally from Seattle, Tisha has been operating as a working traveler and feels lucky to have lived in the great cities of Charlotte, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and now Washington DC. She has enjoyed exploring the yoga scene in each city and has met some wonderful teachers and seen some great studios. When Tisha arrived in Washington DC she specifically searched for a youth yoga program and was delighted when she found YoKid.  Tisha loves yoga because she feels like it really works you from the inside out and it is something you can take with you wherever you go. Email:

Kendra Wesley – Teacher Coordinator

Kendra completed her yoga teacher training with Divine Light Yoga.  She has worked at Howard County Public Schools, Voices for Children, and as a youth coach and instructor.  Her love for yoga has lead her to teach yoga for children as well as empower others to successfully bring the practice to kids and teens. Email: