YoKid Class Tip: Storytelling

Children love stories, adventures and yoga. Combining these in your children’s yoga class can really bring the poses you are trying to convey to life.   Storytelling can be found in almost every cultural tradition and have been used throughout history to instill moral values and to educate. Storytelling is a universal means for sharing […]

The Wonders of Savasana

Sa-va-sa-na, I ask my students to sound out this Sanskrit word (meaning corpse pose) on day one of yoga camp. Once they master this tongue-twister,  I challenge them to try it, meaning that they must be completely still in their minds and in their bodies. I tell them this is the hardest pose in yoga, […]

Yoga Intern to Yoga Teacher: Thank you YoKid!

One day last year, around this time, I woke up one morning with my gut telling me that I wanted to teach yoga to children. That same day I found YoKid on an internet search, a few days later I was meeting with YoKid founder Michelle Mitchell to discuss an internship, and a month later […]

Yoga Intern | Exploring Yoga and Religion

One of my very first weeks of co-teaching children’s yoga back in October, I was leading sun salutations with my kids and let “Prayer position” slip out. After class, my wonderful lead teacher, Lou, reminded me that it was better to say “bring your hands to your chest” so as to avoid any religious or […]

Yoga Intern | Movimiento en Cuba

“Venceremos” is a phrase you will find painted in beautiful colors all over the walls and streets of Havana, Cuba. It means, “we will overcome,” Something that has been a part of the Cuban reality for over 50 years. The Cuban people have been forced to overcome an extreme shortage of resources given the isolated […]

Yoga Intern | Yoga in the Classroom: Join the Movement!

As many of you may already know, the wonderful co-founder of YoKid…Stretch Your Limits, Michelle Kelsey Mitchell, was featured in a delightful article by the Chicago Tribune entitled “Yoga in the Classroom”. I have to admit, I almost teared up a little as I read the article realizing all that it stood for. Seeing Michelle […]

Yoga Intern | Yoga for Asthma

Recently I have been doing research on the possible benefits of yoga for asthma sufferers. According to the CDC, Asthma affects 14-15 million Americans, including almost 5 million children. The environment people live in and the way they live play a part in determining whether or not they have asthma attacks. Air pollution and other […]

Yoga Intern | Leave Ego Out of It

William Broad, a senior science writer at The Times published an article last week entitled “How Yoga can Wreck Your Body.”  This article is adapted from Broad’s book The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards, which will be published next month.  The article makes shocking claims about the risks of yoga. Studies suggest a […]

Yoga Intern | 5 Tips for Getting Rid of the Holiday Crazies

 It’s that time of year again.. After a busy year, the holidays are a time to relax and let yourself go. Indulging in chocolate cake, egg nog and couch potatoeing are great ways to unwind before making a commitment in the new year to not do those things. But with this holiday season comes more […]

Yoga Intern | Can Yoga Be Owned?

I recently read an article in the New York Times… Bikram yoga is an amazing way to detox, relax, challenge, and strengthen your body in ways you never have before. It is a twenty-six posture series performed in a hot room (about 100-105 degrees) and is designed to work every aspect of your body both […]