YoKid yoga classes for kids & teens can be found in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

YoKid Students


YoKid has facilitated over 4,620 kid’s yoga classes in the Greater DC Area, introducing yoga to more than 2,000 kids & teens.  Our yoga classes for kids & teens are held at schools, community centers, and youth friendly places by request.  These site-based enrichment classes are for kids & teens who are members students of the requesting school or members of the requesting organization.  YoKid also schedules classes at various studios and recreation centers.  These open public classes are open for enrollment to any kid or teen.

YoKid Classes


Each class follows the same sequence to allow for consistency, repetition, and duplication for independent yoga practice outside of class time. Partner exercises, deep breathing, relaxation, and stress management techniques are integrated into all classes.

Remember to join us at our annual YoKid Yoga Challenge where kids, teens, adults, and families do yoga exercises and  learn about yoga concepts.


Site-Based Enrichment Yoga Classes for Kids & Teens:



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