Why Yoga for Children and Youth?

YoKid students grow and develop along three Pathways. Each pathway represents a level of relationship: starting with awareness of self, moving to preparation for school, and finally connecting with society. YoKid believes that all three Pathways (Connection with Self, Connection with School, and Connection with Society) are necessary to live a mindful, empowered, and healthy life.

YoKid’s ultimate Outcome or Vision builds on important Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced Outcomes in three Pathways, all of which can be achieved to some degree within a ten week session, depending on the student.  

Foundational Outcomes: The foundation of all three pathways involves awareness of self, physically and emotionally including who the students are as individuals and understanding that the ability to find find relief from stress is within their control. Students are provided with freedom in a safe environment to express themselves and learn from their YoKid teacher and others about healthy personal character traits.

Intermediate Outcomes: As the students come to know themselves in a safe space, they are able to build their skills in self-determination, calming and focusing the mind, and being part of a larger community. YoKid students are supported in trying new things, reflecting on their thoughts and feelings about situations, and continuing to make mindful choices in a safe environment.

Advanced Outcomes: YoKid students become aware of their own power to make mindful choices, are present in class and in school every day, and are engaged with class material and the school community, take responsibilities for their actions, serve as role models, and welcome leadership opportunities.

Students who participate in YoKid classes (for at least 3 weeks) report that they feel less angry, more relaxed, more physically flexible, and more able to concentrate.

YoKid provides affordable, on-site classes for any interested school or organization. Class fees are based on a sliding scale, to ensure that ALL children can participate in the YoKid yoga program.

YoKid program partner, Higher Achievement DC, has this to say about us:

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