Yoga is for ALL Children

Youth in today’s complex urban environments face ever-increasing challenges to their well-being. There are even greater levels of toxic stress among kids and teens living in poverty. YoKid was created to help underserved young people overcome these challenges by increasing self-awareness, concentration, and physical fitness through yoga.

Practicing yoga from a young age has many benefits. YoKid teaches children yoga-based techniques that help them cope with the effects of toxic stress, decrease their likelihood of obesity, and improve their understanding of self-care. Our goal is to equip children and teenagers with tools to improve themselves physically and mentally throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Students who participate in the YoKid program (for at least 3 weeks) reported that they feel less angry, more relaxed, more physically flexible, and more able to concentrate.

YoKid provides affordable, on-site classes for any interested school or organization. Class fees are based on a sliding scale, to ensure that ALL children can participate in the YoKid yoga program.

YoKid program partner, Higher Achievement DC, has this to say about us:

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