What to Bring to Class: YoKid Yoga DOs & DON’Ts

Parents, kids, & teens often wonder what to bring to a YoKid yoga class.  Below are a few tips to help you and your child feel prepared for class:

  • WIS yoga clubDO Dress in comfortable “gym/PE” clothes for class. (try to avoid wearing jeans or constricting clothing)
  • Do NOT bring a yoga mat.  YoKid teachers will bring any supplies needed for class including yoga mats for all class participants.
  • DO be prepared to have fun!  Age appropriate games, activities, and songs are incorporated into all YoKid classes.
  • DO be on time when dropping off/picking up your child. (please refrain from picking your child up from class early)
  • DO make sure that you have completed and returned the YoKid Participation Form for your child.
  • DO ask your child what they’ve learned and practice with them at home.  Visit our “Resourcese” tab for tips and ideas on how you can practice yoga at home
  • DO allow your child to participate in the YoKid Challenge, a wellness event for the entire family.

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