Gail Silver, Yoga Child Inc.

Teaching Mindfulness Through Story The Anh’s Anger Children’s book series is an award winning series of stories that use narrative to teach children how to use sitting meditation and walking meditation to help manage strong emotions. The books’ author, Gail Silver, will share the stories with us and then discuss tried and true ways to implement these mindfulness teachings through practical exercises in a classroom setting.

Kira Willey, Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids

Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids with Kira Willey Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids is an active, musical parent/child class packed with yoga poses, songs and rhythm, imaginative play, age-appropriate props, and relaxation. Children’s yoga instructor and award-winning songwriter Kira Willey uses her original songs throughout this fun and energetic class to facilitate the flow of poses and enhance the children’s enjoyment and learning.  Join us and see how the magical combination of music and yoga captivates children, calms and focuses them, and instills in them a love of movement! Ideal for ages 2-8 with parent or caregiver – other family members are welcome!

Shari Vilchez-Blatt, Karma Kids Yoga

Partner Up! with Karma Kids Yoga Partner Yoga is for everyone – parents and kids, kids working together and families too!  Partner in yoga is a great way to foster connection and communication in your classes.  Partnering promotes eye contact, trust, balance and coordination, teamwork, creativity, and most of all – FUN!  In this workshop you will learn creative ways to partner up students in your classes to ensure kids are paired with different partners throughout the class.  We’ll introduce over 30 seated and standing partner poses, as well as kids yoga games for partners.  We’ll discuss best practices for partner yoga and ways to include these poses/games in your classes.

Christyn Schroeder, KidPowerment Yoga

Yogic Tools for Transitions Transitions can be the most difficult times of day for kids. By taking their yoga off of their mats and into our children’s day, we can effectively create more ease in these moments.  Learn short, effective yoga and meditation sequences that concentrate on creating focus, calming, and dealing with “big feelings.” Within this context we will explore the subjects of sensory integration, creating emotional literacy, and dealing with the stress response to aid in our understanding of our young yogis. Be ready to move, breath, and have fun!  All bodies and capabilities are welcome.

Carla Tantillo, Mindful Practices

Hip Hop Yoga A brilliant blend of two seemingly disparate cultures, Hip-Hop Yoga™ fuses hip-hop dance and yoga into a fun, creative performance piece. This revolutionary program offers students the mind-body centering and relaxation elements of yoga combined with Hip Hop’s high-energy, athletic choreography. The participants work in teams throughout the program to create and collaborate. Hip-Hop Yoga™ is a fun, energetic class with great music and enthusiastic learners!



Iona M. Smith, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Navigating Teens Skillfully Into Adulthood – A Kripalu Yoga Approach The Kripalu Yoga in the Schools (KYIS) evidence based curriculum has been specifically designed to help students develop self-awareness and self-regulatory skills necessary to navigate through the challenges of adolescence and into adulthood. In this session, Janna Delgado and Iona Smith (Program Leaders for Kripalu Yoga in the Schools) will present the basic science behind why yoga works, reveal the pedagogy behind the KYIS curriculum, share what Kripalu has learned about the impact of yoga on teens through scientific research and offer a sampling of KYIS experiential activities.

Abena Brown-Elhillali, Ph.D., Kennedy Krieger Institute

Yoga-Based Psychotherapy for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma and Neglect Clinicians at the Family Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute developed a protocol for the Yoga-Based Psychotherapy Group (YBPG) to address deficits in self-regulatory capacities using principles from yoga and movement therapy. This 14 week trauma-informed group intervention utilizes yoga and movement techniques with boys and girls, ages 8-12, to increase self-awareness, promote improved self-regulation, self-esteem and pro-social behaviors. This presentation will introduce YBPG to participants and present preliminary outcomes and study results. Presentation is experiential and will include lecture, practice exercises and discussion.

Melissa J. Kleinman, NYU Langone Medical Center and Hopeful Hearts Child and Family Therapy & Lauren Rubenstein, Go Give Yoga and Private Practice

Children, Trauma, and Exposure to Violence: The Use of Yoga and Mindfulness as Healing Modalities In the past decade, a growing body of research has demonstrated that exposure to violence drastically affects children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. We have also learned a great deal about the many complimentary interventions and healing modalities that can help children build the skills necessary to combat these negative effects and build healthy relationships. Through the use of didactic presentation, experiential learning and case presentation this workshop will focus on building techniques and skills for working with this challenging, yet rewarding population. Participants will emerge with the ability to integrate play, yoga and meditation into their practice with children and families who have experienced trauma.

Chelsea Roff, Yoga for Eating Disorders

Community Education: Yoga for Eating Disorders Learn how the practice of yoga can be used to help adolescents develop a healthier relationship with food and their bodies. Many young people come to yoga hoping to change or fix their bodies, only to find that no matter how many down-dogs they do… they’re still dissatisfied with the image in the mirror. In this workshop, you’ll learn specific, yoga-derived practices for tracking hunger and fullness signals, coping with difficult emotions, and cultivating a sense of “home” in one’s own skin. Whether you’re a teacher who wants to learn to better support your students, a therapist wanting to integrate yoga into treatment, or you struggle with food and body issues yourself, this workshop provides an insider’s perspective on how yoga can be used to help– rather than hinder– healing from an eating disorder.

Sat Bir S. Khalsa, Ph.D., Harvard

An Overview of Scientific Research on Yoga in Children and Adolescents The prevalence of yoga practice and of scientific biomedical research on its benefits is predominantly in adults.  However, surveys have revealed a significant practice of yoga by children and adolescents and a growing scientific research literature evaluating yoga practice in this population.  This presentation will describe the prevalence and applicability of yoga for youth, present the scientific rationale for its use in this population, and review the body of scientific evidence evaluating the application of yoga in children and adolescents and the reported benefits in both prevention and health maintenance and in clinical therapeutic intervention for medical and psychological disorders.



Jodi Komitor, Next Generation Yoga/Biz of Kid’s Yoga

The Biz of Kid’s Yoga In 1998, Jodi founded Next Generation Yoga; the first children’s yoga studio in the world. Jodi’s warm-hearted, playful style of teaching is inspired both by her personal yoga interests and practical experiences in the field of education. Jodi takes the non-stop fun of NGY on the road into schools,yoga studios, children’s programs and hospitals. She is an in-service provider for educators, therapists and clinical psychologists. In addition, she teaches and certifies children’s yoga instructors from all over the world.  Learn about the key ways in which she has been able to be sustainable, viable, energetic, and passionate about the business of kid’s yoga since 1998.

Moderator: Traci Childress Panel:  Jennifer Cohen Harper, Little Flower Yoga; Lisa Flynn, Yoga 4 Classrooms; Anne Desmond, Bent on Learning; Ali Smith, The Holistic Life Foundation, Debby Kaminsky, The Newark Yoga Movement

Best Practices and Sustainability in Yoga Service The Yoga Service Council’s goals include the promotion of collaborative research in yoga and increasing access to professional quality training in the field. Essential to these goals, which insure the future of the field of yoga service, are practices that integrate the most up to date research, and practices that support sustainability. Yoga Service organizations have to keep best practices and sustainable practices as a priority. This panel brings leaders in the field of yoga service service to discuss how to do this.

Karen Gilmour, Alluem Yoga

Fostering a Vibrant Children’s Yoga Program in Your Studio Creating space for young yogis in your studio is a rewarding experience for you the teacher, as well as your students, their families and the studio as a whole. Learn how to build, promote and sustain a vibrant kids yoga program in your studio through story sharing, group discussion and interactive exercises. From reaching into your community and marketing your program, to building classes, workshops and camps that suit your children’s needs and interests. In this session, Karen will share her experience while providing tools and inspiration to grow and enhance your children’s yoga program.

Jennifer Cohen Harper, Little Flower Yoga/The School Yoga Project

Reflective Teaching: Serve Your Students Better, Increase Your Joy Teaching is a daily challenge, that calls on us to be the very best version of ourselves. Treating our students with skillful compassion requires practice! In this workshop, we will explore strategies that support our own capacity to maintain emotional balance in the classroom, learn techniques for compassionate communication, and discuss tools that help us respond to even the most challenging classroom behavior. The capacity to become a reflective teacher, grounded in personal practice, is what will allow you to become excellent at your craft; honoring your students individual needs and finding joy in teaching for a lifetime.

Lissa Sandler, Web Presence Academy & Jennifer Robertson, Chicago Kids Yoga – Yogi Connectors

Social Media Panel Discussion: Your Yoga Business Shift your thinking and your abundance as a yogi entrepreneur.  Many yogis report that they fell their practice is separate from their business life and they feel pressured to buy into the old paradigm of competitive marketing and business practices to be successful.  Join Jen Robertson and Lissa Sandler as they guide you in cultivating abundance, defining your intention, developing your sattvic branding strategy, networking and social media marketing to expand collective growth and reframing the way we do business.  Walk away with a wealth of new ideas, step-by-step pathways to growth and a chance to ask the questions that stand in the way of the business of your dreams.



Anne Buckley Reen

Get Ready To Learn- Yoga Therapy In The Classroom In approx. 1000 NYC public school classrooms and in schools across the country. Introduced in 2008, GRTL was originally designed for students with learning and behavior challenges. GRTL is now in daily use in general education, integrated and self contained classrooms Pre-K through High School. Researched by NYU , the program incorporates a series of  traditional hatha yoga practices to address the 4 biggest classroom challenges (Self Regulation, Attention, Performance and Communication). Featured as a PBS “Innovation in Education”, GRTL is currently being researched by NYU for its impact on executive function.

Lisa Ballo, Belightful Yoga

Say YES to Yoga: Learn Youth Empowerment Skills Learn simple yoga and mindfulness techniques to enhance classroom management, increase learning and support students’ development and overall well-being.  Empower kids (inclusive of those special needs) with these Belightful Yoga “tools for schools” designed to help students succeed and have a greater sense of self. Be light. Be full. Be U.

Brynne Caleda, Yoga Ed.

Yoga Ed. Tools For Teachers Workshop Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers is a 75 minute workshop designed for educators, health professionals, and parents. This workshop empowers participants to effectively utilize five to fifteen minute classroom yoga sessions, or “yoga breaks,” to increase self-awareness and self-regulation for students and teachers alike. Participants will also learn the broader physical, cognitive, social, and emotional benefits of integrating breathing exercises, yoga poses, and relaxation into the classroom. Tailored to the academic environment, all yoga tool activities require no previous yoga experience, extra equipment, or space.

Cheryl Crawford, Grounded

Yoga at your locker. Yoga after soccer. Asked to teach in a school? Great! Most schools do not have a quiet clean yoga studio (yet) and you may find yourself in the band room, gym stage during basketball practice or classroom during science. Learn how to create a sacred space and what has worked in Atlanta.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Alexandria City Public Schools

Creative Connections: Art and Yoga for At-risk Youth Creative Connections is an after school and enrichment program created by Kate Fitzpatrick and Kristin Adair that offers age-appropriate yoga, mindfulness meditation practice, and art projects to incarcerated youth.  In this session the speaker will provide a brief overview of the program, give examples from the curriculum, and examine the impact of the Creative Connections program on the population served at the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center.  Participants will also be asked to create a community art piece during this session.

Leah Kalish, Wendy Piret, Move with Me

Movement & Mindfulness for Healthier Kids & Classrooms Learn to combine stories + yoga + self-regulation to manage stress, improve attention, develop fitness, teach social-emotional lessons, support executive function, and enjoy a more harmonious and productive classroom.

Dee Marie, Calming Kids: Creating a Non-violent World

Bully Proofing Skills using Yoga. This CALMING KIDS workshop will teach participants how to inspire a positive, peaceful, physically strong, confident student with a system of how to communicate in a relaxed way. The ultimate goal: to empower children to manage their stress and personal safety in order to create healthy boundaries in life. The curriculum is based on the first  vow of classical yoga, Ahimsa, meaning non-violence to self and others. This Training will take a look at traditional yoga methods together with non-violent communication to create a powerful package of validated tools to use in the school classroom, yoga studio, youth center or home.

Allison Morgan MA, OTR, RYT, Zensational Kids

Behavior, Attention and Regulation: Setting the BAR for Learning with Yoga and Mindfulness Tools for Students of ALL Abilities In classrooms across the country, many students experience challenges managing their emotions as well as their physical, sensory and cognitive differences.  These struggles are not only evidenced in the children with various diagnoses.  Many “typical” children lack the skills of self-regulation and focus affecting their behavior and their ability to learn. Yoga tools applied in the classroom help children and teachers calm their nervous systems, connect to themselves and communicate with authenticity and respect.  This workshop will explore the evidence-based research on how children receive, integrate and utilize information and some yoga and mindfulness tools that support the scientific findings and help children to learn.

Joanne Spence, Yoga in Schools

Yoga for H & PE – Why & How Experience why yoga practice improves physical, mental and emotional fitness and learn how to present it successfully as part of your Health and Physical Education (HPE) program. Hear about the success of the Yoga in School’s model of HPE Programming that includes yoga as a lifetime wellness activity in Pittsburgh’s Brashear High School and as a behavioral intervention for the students at an alternative school in Rankin, PAParticipate in themed, standards-based yoga lessons that not only develop coordination, strength, balance, flexibility and focus, but also cultivate mind-body awareness and the ability to self-regulate, manage stress and which contribute to a personal self-care routine.

Don Wenig, YogaKids

Yoga Tools for Schools YogaKids Tools for Schools is an integrative, cross-curriculum approach to help pre-K thru 5th grade students learn more effectively and balance their energy throughout the school day. Providing classroom teachers with easy yoga-based tools helps them facilitate more engaged and focused students, meet performance goals, and improve test scores. Tools for Schools breathes life into learning with movement (including poses, creative activities, and games), breathing exercises.



Aruna Kathy Humphrys, Young Yoga Masters & Claire Matthews, Yoga Truly

From Teen Yogi to Yoga Teacher Wouldn’t it be great to take something you love and turn it into a part time job?  In this workshop teens can:

  • discover what is required to become a yoga teacher
  • learn about the opportunities and challenges of teaching yoga
  • examine how yoga is growing and how you can be part of this vibrant community

Led by the founders of an innovative new Yoga School that turns Teens into Yoga Teachers, you may be surprised that teen yoga now offers a new twist: If you can imagine yourself as a yoga teacher, this workshop is for you.

Jacqueline Johnson, The George Washington University

Yoga for body image and self-esteem This workshop will introduce the concepts of developing a positive body image. In a culture filled with body ideals and body disparagement that contribute to negative body image, it is important for young boys and girls to develop self-esteem. This workshop will use yoga asana to develop a sense of respect and compassion with one’s body, as well as develop a sense of self-efficacy and strength that can reinforce self-esteem. Pranayama and chanting will be used to reduce anxiety and other negative emotions that may be present with negative body image, to validate one’s sense of self, improving self-esteem.

Peggy Duffy, Miss Fit Girls

MFG Yoga Miss Fit Girls is a yoga-based program that promotes time for girls (ages 10-16) to connect, encourage, accept, strengthen, and celebrate themselves and each other. Through traditional yoga poses and relaxation techniques, girls are given time to appreciate their bodies, listen to their own thoughts and calm the turbulent waters of their energized spirit. Through breathing practices, open talk time and movement, they take skills with them off the mat and into their real life.MFG Yoga is based on traditional yoga poses set to present day music. This is not their Parents yoga. It’s their yoga, it’s their time. The busy-ness of their lives and the constant distractions can cause chaos and confusion. MFG Yoga gives them the time they need to reset their system.  It doesn’t mean they agree with all the changes and challenges. It does however give them time to listen to their truth about their world and how to flow with it.

Lauren Anderson, Kripalu Yoga and Health Center

Sneak Peak at Kripalu Yoga in the Schools Program: A Special Class for Teens In this session, teens will be introduced to the definition of yoga, fundamental yoga practices and basic breath awareness. This session will incorporate fun ice-breaking activities, discussion, breathing techniques and yoga poses. Teens will leave the session with greater body and breath awareness along with some tools they can take into their everyday lives to regulate their emotions and stress levels.


Bari Koral, Bari Koral

Bari Koral is an award winning kids/family recording artist and a music, movement and kids yoga educator and expert. As discussed between Mina & Ava Taylor, Bari is available as a keynote or highlighted address and can do both educational and or performance events.Performance based events can include a kids/family yoga class/concert with live music or Yogapalooza live, based on Bari’s upcoming kids/music TV show which can be any one of our 52 themes we filmed this summer. Bari can also present educational workshops for existing teachers & new teachers on kids yoga and music. Great songs, fun activities and lesson plans will be shared.  Discussion about tips, tools. We will break down songs for warm ups, main activity themes, cool down and relaxation music. We will also explore fun breathing techniques and stories and songs for relaxation, often a favorite part of class. Bari can also share her “mail bag” chock full of healthy wellness age appropriate tips.

Eddie Stern

Director of Ashtanga Yoga New York, and head of curriculum development for the Sonima Foundation for Health and Wellness. Eddie has been teaching yoga since 1989, and began working with bringing yoga into the public school system beginning in 2001 as a founding board member of Bent On Learning. For the past two years he has been working with the Sonima Foundation to develop, implement and research best practices of health and wellness (yoga, meditation and nutrition) to support changes in public policy that are required to make these practices an essential component of our education system.

AND, a special message from Shakta Kaur Khalsa, Radiant Child Yoga

Shakta Khalsa is one of the world’s leading experts on children and yoga, having worked with both since the mid-1970s. Shakta’s two great loves–children and yoga– are the basis for her life work: Radiant Child® Yoga, an internationally-known training program for teaching children yoga and working with/raising children consciously.

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