Jodi Komitor, Next Generation Yoga/Biz of Kid’s Yoga

The Biz of Kid’s Yoga In 1998, Jodi founded Next Generation Yoga; the first children’s yoga studio in the world. Jodi’s warm-hearted, playful style of teaching is inspired both by her personal yoga interests and practical experiences in the field of education. Jodi takes the non-stop fun of NGY on the road into schools,yoga studios, children’s programs and hospitals. She is an in-service provider for educators, therapists and clinical psychologists. In addition, she teaches and certifies children’s yoga instructors from all over the world.  Learn about the key ways in which she has been able to be sustainable, viable, energetic, and passionate about the business of kid’s yoga since 1998.

Moderator: Traci Childress Panel:  Jennifer Cohen Harper, Little Flower Yoga; Lisa Flynn, Yoga 4 Classrooms; Anne Desmond, Bent on Learning; Ali Smith, The Holistic Life Foundation, Debby Kaminsky, The Newark Yoga Movement

Best Practices and Sustainability in Yoga Service The Yoga Service Council’s goals include the promotion of collaborative research in yoga and increasing access to professional quality training in the field. Essential to these goals, which insure the future of the field of yoga service, are practices that integrate the most up to date research, and practices that support sustainability. Yoga Service organizations have to keep best practices and sustainable practices as a priority. This panel brings leaders in the field of yoga service service to discuss how to do this.

Karen Gilmour, Alluem Yoga

Fostering a Vibrant Children’s Yoga Program in Your Studio Creating space for young yogis in your studio is a rewarding experience for you the teacher, as well as your students, their families and the studio as a whole. Learn how to build, promote and sustain a vibrant kids yoga program in your studio through story sharing, group discussion and interactive exercises. From reaching into your community and marketing your program, to building classes, workshops and camps that suit your children’s needs and interests. In this session, Karen will share her experience while providing tools and inspiration to grow and enhance your children’s yoga program.

Jennifer Cohen Harper, Little Flower Yoga/The School Yoga Project

Reflective Teaching: Serve Your Students Better, Increase Your Joy Teaching is a daily challenge, that calls on us to be the very best version of ourselves. Treating our students with skillful compassion requires practice! In this workshop, we will explore strategies that support our own capacity to maintain emotional balance in the classroom, learn techniques for compassionate communication, and discuss tools that help us respond to even the most challenging classroom behavior. The capacity to become a reflective teacher, grounded in personal practice, is what will allow you to become excellent at your craft; honoring your students individual needs and finding joy in teaching for a lifetime.

Lissa Sandler, Web Presence Academy & Jennifer Robertson, Chicago Kids Yoga

Social Media Illuminated for Your Yoga Business Imagine this daydream…you wake up, you have a bunch of alerts letting you know people have interacted with your Facebook page posts. Pinterest sends an email and your daily reach keeps expanding.The biggest rewards are the constant stream of new students, sold out workshops, live speaking opportunities and video or book leads. You are really getting it; those Likes and Shares are transforming into a profitable, sustainable business. Your loyal social media fans are spreading the word about you to their friends and family, and it is a snowball effect of positivity.  You have put systems in place to grow your mailing list and it is effortlessly paying off. You decide to take the vacation you have promised your family for the last 3 years. How’s that for a little business daydream? Sounds great, right? This can be a reality for you business. Social media can actually be a pleasure and a real-life source of abundance and revue.
If you’ve been using social media *without* those kinds of results you are missing one big piece of the puzzle: strategy.


9-10a: Breakout Session 1: Best Practices and Sustainability in Yoga Service

10:15-11:15a: Breakout Session 2: Fostering a Vibrant Children’s Yoga Program in Your Studio

11:30a-12:30p: Breakout Session 3: Next Generation Yoga/Biz of Kid’s Yoga

2:15-3:15p: Breakout Session 4: Reflective Teaching: Serve Your Students Better, Increase Your Joy

3:30-4:30p: Breakout Session 5: Social Media Illuminated for Your Yoga Business

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