Anne Buckley Reen

Get Ready To Learn- Yoga Therapy In The Classroom In approx. 1000 NYC public school classrooms and in schools across the country. Introduced in 2008, GRTL was originally designed for students with learning and behavior challenges. GRTL is now in daily use in general education, integrated and self contained classrooms Pre-K through High School. Researched by NYU , the program incorporates a series of  traditional hatha yoga practices to address the 4 biggest classroom challenges (Self Regulation, Attention, Performance and Communication). Featured as a PBS “Innovation in Education”, GRTL is currently being researched by NYU for its impact on executive function.

Lisa Ballo, Belightful Yoga

Say YES to Yoga: Learn Youth Empowerment Skills Learn simple yoga and mindfulness techniques to enhance classroom management, increase learning and support students’ development and overall well-being.  Empower kids (inclusive of those special needs) with these Belightful Yoga “tools for schools” designed to help students succeed and have a greater sense of self. Be light. Be full. Be U.

Brynne Caleda, Yoga Ed.

Yoga Ed. Tools For Teachers Workshop Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers is a 75 minute workshop designed for educators, health professionals, and parents. This workshop empowers participants to effectively utilize five to fifteen minute classroom yoga sessions, or “yoga breaks,” to increase self-awareness and self-regulation for students and teachers alike. Participants will also learn the broader physical, cognitive, social, and emotional benefits of integrating breathing exercises, yoga poses, and relaxation into the classroom. Tailored to the academic environment, all yoga tool activities require no previous yoga experience, extra equipment, or space.

Cheryl Crawford, Grounded

Yoga at your locker. Yoga after soccer. Asked to teach in a school? Great! Most schools do not have a quiet clean yoga studio (yet) and you may find yourself in the band room, gym stage during basketball practice or classroom during science. Learn how to create a sacred space and what has worked in Atlanta.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Alexandria City Public Schools

Creative Connections: Art and Yoga for At-risk Youth Creative Connections is an after school and enrichment program created by Kate Fitzpatrick and Kristin Adair that offers age-appropriate yoga, mindfulness meditation practice, and art projects to incarcerated youth.  In this session the speaker will provide a brief overview of the program, give examples from the curriculum, and examine the impact of the Creative Connections program on the population served at the Northern Virginia Juvenile Detention Center.  Participants will also be asked to create a community art piece during this session.

Leah Kalish, Wendy Piret, Move with Me

Movement & Mindfulness for Healthier Kids & Classrooms Learn to combine stories + yoga + self-regulation to manage stress, improve attention, develop fitness, teach social-emotional lessons, support executive function, and enjoy a more harmonious and productive classroom.

Dee Marie, Calming Kids: Creating a Non-violent World

Bully Proofing Skills using Yoga. This CALMING KIDS workshop will teach participants how to inspire a positive, peaceful, physically strong, confident student with a system of how to communicate in a relaxed way. The ultimate goal: to empower children to manage their stress and personal safety in order to create healthy boundaries in life. The curriculum is based on the first  vow of classical yoga, Ahimsa, meaning non-violence to self and others. This Training will take a look at traditional yoga methods together with non-violent communication to create a powerful package of validated tools to use in the school classroom, yoga studio, youth center or home.

Allison Morgan MA, OTR, RYT, Zensational Kids

Behavior, Attention and Regulation: Setting the BAR for Learning with Yoga and Mindfulness Tools for Students of ALL Abilities In classrooms across the country, many students experience challenges managing their emotions as well as their physical, sensory and cognitive differences.  These struggles are not only evidenced in the children with various diagnoses.  Many “typical” children lack the skills of self-regulation and focus affecting their behavior and their ability to learn. Yoga tools applied in the classroom help children and teachers calm their nervous systems, connect to themselves and communicate with authenticity and respect.  This workshop will explore the evidence-based research on how children receive, integrate and utilize information and some yoga and mindfulness tools that support the scientific findings and help children to learn.

Joanne Spence, Yoga in Schools

Yoga for H & PE – Why & How Experience why yoga practice improves physical, mental and emotional fitness and learn how to present it successfully as part of your Health and Physical Education (HPE) program. Hear about the success of the Yoga in School’s model of HPE Programming that includes yoga as a lifetime wellness activity in Pittsburgh’s Brashear High School and as a behavioral intervention for the students at an alternative school in Rankin, PAParticipate in themed, standards-based yoga lessons that not only develop coordination, strength, balance, flexibility and focus, but also cultivate mind-body awareness and the ability to self-regulate, manage stress and which contribute to a personal self-care routine.

Don Wenig, YogaKids

Yoga Tools for Schools YogaKids Tools for Schools is an integrative, cross-curriculum approach to help pre-K thru 5th grade students learn more effectively and balance their energy throughout the school day. Providing classroom teachers with easy yoga-based tools helps them facilitate more engaged and focused students, meet performance goals, and improve test scores. Tools for Schools breathes life into learning with movement (including poses, creative activities, and games), breathing exercises.


9-10a: Breakout Session 1 Options: Yoga Ed. Tools For Teachers Workshop or Creative Connections: Art and Yoga for At-risk Youth

10:15-11:15a: Breakout Session 2 Options: Yoga at your locker. Yoga after soccer. or Behavior, Attention and Regulation: Setting the BAR for Learning with Yoga and Mindfulness Tools for Students of ALL Abilities

11:30a-12:30p: Breakout Session 3 Options: Get Ready To Learn- Yoga Therapy In The Classroom or Bully Proofing Skills using Yoga.

2:15-3:15p: Breakout Session 4 Options: Say YES to Yoga: Learn Youth Empowerment Skills or Yoga Tools for Schools

3:30-4:30p: Breakout Session 5 Options: Movement & Mindfulness for Healthier Kids & Classrooms or Yoga for H & PE

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