Aruna Kathy Humphrys, Young Yoga Masters & Claire Matthews, Yoga Truly

From Teen Yogi to Yoga Teacher Wouldn’t it be great to take something you love and turn it into a part time job?  In this workshop teens can:

  • discover what is required to become a yoga teacher
  • learn about the opportunities and challenges of teaching yoga
  • examine how yoga is growing and how you can be part of this vibrant community

Led by the founders of an innovative new Yoga School that turns Teens into Yoga Teachers, you may be surprised that teen yoga now offers a new twist: If you can imagine yourself as a yoga teacher, this workshop is for you.

Jacqueline Johnson, The George Washington University

Yoga for body image and self-esteem This workshop will introduce the concepts of developing a positive body image. In a culture filled with body ideals and body disparagement that contribute to negative body image, it is important for young boys and girls to develop self-esteem. This workshop will use yoga asana to develop a sense of respect and compassion with one’s body, as well as develop a sense of self-efficacy and strength that can reinforce self-esteem. Pranayama and chanting will be used to reduce anxiety and other negative emotions that may be present with negative body image, to validate one’s sense of self, improving self-esteem.

Peggy Duffy, Miss Fit Girls

MFG Yoga Miss Fit Girls is a yoga-based program that promotes time for girls (ages 10-16) to connect, encourage, accept, strengthen, and celebrate themselves and each other. Through traditional yoga poses and relaxation techniques, girls are given time to appreciate their bodies, listen to their own thoughts and calm the turbulent waters of their energized spirit. Through breathing practices, open talk time and movement, they take skills with them off the mat and into their real life.MFG Yoga is based on traditional yoga poses set to present day music. This is not their Parents yoga. It’s their yoga, it’s their time. The busy-ness of their lives and the constant distractions can cause chaos and confusion. MFG Yoga gives them the time they need to reset their system.  It doesn’t mean they agree with all the changes and challenges. It does however give them time to listen to their truth about their world and how to flow with it.

Lauren Anderson, Kripalu Yoga and Health Center

Sneak Peak at Kripalu Yoga in the Schools Program: A Special Class for Teens In this session, teens will be introduced to the definition of yoga, fundamental yoga practices and basic breath awareness. This session will incorporate fun ice-breaking activities, discussion, breathing techniques and yoga poses. Teens will leave the session with greater body and breath awareness along with some tools they can take into their everyday lives to regulate their emotions and stress levels.

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