Gail Silver, Yoga Child Inc.

Teaching Mindfulness Through Story The Anh’s Anger Children’s book series is an award winning series of stories that use narrative to teach children how to use sitting meditation and walking meditation to help manage strong emotions. The books’ author, Gail Silver, will share the stories with us and then discuss tried and true ways to implement these mindfulness teachings through practical exercises in a classroom setting.

Kira Willey, Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids

Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids with Kira Willey Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids is an active, musical parent/child class packed with yoga poses, songs and rhythm, imaginative play, age-appropriate props, and relaxation. Children’s yoga instructor and award-winning songwriter Kira Willey uses her original songs throughout this fun and energetic class to facilitate the flow of poses and enhance the children’s enjoyment and learning.  Join us and see how the magical combination of music and yoga captivates children, calms and focuses them, and instills in them a love of movement! Ideal for ages 2-8 with parent or caregiver – other family members are welcome!

Shari Vilchez-Blatt, Karma Kids Yoga

Partner Up! with Karma Kids Yoga Partner Yoga is for everyone – parents and kids, kids working together and families too!  Partner in yoga is a great way to foster connection and communication in your classes.  Partnering promotes eye contact, trust, balance and coordination, teamwork, creativity, and most of all – FUN!  In this workshop you will learn creative ways to partner up students in your classes to ensure kids are paired with different partners throughout the class.  We’ll introduce over 30 seated and standing partner poses, as well as kids yoga games for partners.  We’ll discuss best practices for partner yoga and ways to include these poses/games in your classes.

Christyn Schroeder, KidPowerment Yoga

Yogic Tools for Transitions Transitions can be the most difficult times of day for kids. By taking their yoga off of their mats and into our children’s day, we can effectively create more ease in these moments.  Learn short, effective yoga and meditation sequences that concentrate on creating focus, calming, and dealing with “big feelings.” Within this context we will explore the subjects of sensory integration, creating emotional literacy, and dealing with the stress response to aid in our understanding of our young yogis. Be ready to move, breath, and have fun!  All bodies and capabilities are welcome.

Carla Tantillo, Mindful Practices

Hip Hop Yoga A brilliant blend of two seemingly disparate cultures, Hip-Hop Yoga™ fuses hip-hop dance and yoga into a fun, creative performance piece. This revolutionary program offers students the mind-body centering and relaxation elements of yoga combined with Hip Hop’s high-energy, athletic choreography. The participants work in teams throughout the program to create and collaborate. Hip-Hop Yoga™ is a fun, energetic class with great music and enthusiastic learners!



9-10a: Breakout Session 1: Teaching Mindfulness Through Story

10:15-11:15a: Breakout Session 2: Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids with Kira Willey

11:30a-12:30p: Breakout Session 3: Partner Up! with Karma Kids Yoga

2:15-3:15p: Breakout Session 4: Yogic Tools for Transitions

3:30-4:30p: Breakout Session 5: Hip Hop Yoga 

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