Yoga Warm-Up’s

In yoga we practice ‘warm-ups’ to create tapas or heat within our bodies.  Below are photos and videos of various warm-ups that you can do at home, in the studio, or even outside! These are not only for kids, but also for teens and for grown-ups.

Surya Namasakar A (also known as Sun Salutations)

for kids…

downward dog pose httpv://

for Teens…

Download and print a copy of the primary series, Surya Namasakar A & B,  to use as a guide for your home practice.

and a few poses for everyone…

Tree Pose

Tree Pose httpv://


Warrior One

Warrior One httpv://”>


Runner’s Lunge

Runner's Lunge httpv://”>


Half Moon

Half Moon httpv://”>

For illustrations of more poses to practice at home … click here!



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