Choose from 6 different Kid’s Yoga Classes!

The online YoKid yoga classes are an educational and wellness tool geared for adults and children ages 5–10.

There are six different themed kid’s Hatha yoga classes featuring a YoKid teacher and student volunteers.

The style and format of each class allows for many uses: educators can use it in the classroom with students, parents can use it at home with children, and yoga teachers can use it as an observational learning tool.

Gain full access to all 6 classes with a donation of $15 – the cost of one YoKid Yoga class for a child. Your subscription and access to the classes will need to be renewed after 30 days.

***After making your purchase in paypal you will be directed to register on the YoKid site.  Once you complete the registration you should be directed to the online classes.  IF, you have any technological challenges first log in to the site with the username and password you created upon registration and then click here


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