YoKid Continuing Education Course Descriptions

The specialty trainings listed below can be taken to deepen your understanding of yoga for kids & teens and enhance your classroom lessons:
Teaching Yoga to Pre-K Kids, with Kendra Wesley $95 (5 hrs)

2014 Date/Location TBD


This course is for those interested in teaching yoga to Pre-K kids (3-5 year olds). This fun and informative training will include: developmental stages and useful poses for those stages; how to set the tone for and create an engaging, inspiring, structured, and safe yoga classroom; how to work with and in a variety of settings; and how to develop themes to inspire learning and creativity.
The course will include lecture, discussion, and practice planning and teaching. You will come away with a wealth of yoga games, mindfulness activities, and breathing and guided relaxation techniques that you can use with young children.

Teaching Yoga to Children & Teens:  Asana in Your Yoga Classroom with Kate MacDonnell – $95 (5 hrs)

2014 Date/Location TBD

This specialty course is for those with previous yoga experience who would like to refine the language and skills needed to effectively teach yoga to children and teens, 4-17 years old.

The training includes a child/teen focused exploration of the asanas (yoga postures), practice teaching, self-exploration to cultivate authentic, heart-centered teaching, and practical tips to keep your yoga classroom fun and engaging.

Teaching Mindfulness to Kids, with Linda Feldman – $95 (5 hrs)

2014 Date/Location TBD

In this course students will learn about mindfulness and how you can successfully integrate mindfulness practices into yoga classes for youth. This course is perfect for everyone! Specifically, classroom teachers, parents, yoga teachers, therapists or anyone interested in sharing mindfulness with children.  You will be able to take what you learn and apply it to the children in your community.  Techniques learned include mindful listening and speaking, mindful eating, mindful games and activities, and using a bell. Use this course to fulfill the YoKid or Budding Yogis 95-hour  Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher requirements, CEU’s, or professional development.


Teaching Yoga to At-Risk Kids with Becky Eschenroeder & Norah Caldwell $95 (5 hrs)

2014 Date/Location TBD

This specialty course is for those interested in understanding effective ways to teach yoga to kids who come from socioeconomicallyTeacher Training disadvantaged backgrounds. This training will cover developmental characteristics and effective methods for behavior management specific to at-risk youth (K-12th), the nature of poverty and the psychological impact of these stressors on the brain, how brains can change, and yoga’s role in that positive change.

The course includes lecture, discussion, practice teaching, and practical methods of management to keep your yoga classroom engaging and beneficial for your students.

NEW COURSE! Coming This Fall…

Teaching Yoga to Kids Who’ve Experienced Trauma $95 (5 hrs)