YoKid Mentor & Apprentice Program

Yoga Classroom + Hands on Learning

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The YoKid Mentor & Apprentice program offers practical real classroom experience to those interested in successfully cultivating the gift of teaching yoga to children.  A combination of observation, co-teaching, and independent teaching progressively prepares you to successfully teach school-aged children.To fulfill the required hours, you will need to complete each of the following three components:

  1. Observation of 6 YoKid classes (observation can either be on-site at classes taught by YoKid  OR through video of YoKid classes OR with an approved children’s yoga teacher).
  2. Co-teach/assist a total of 6 classes with a YoKid (co-teaching/assisting can either be on-site at classes taught by YoKid  OR with an approved children’s yoga teacher).
  3. Coordinate and teach 3 classes for school-aged children (this can include, but is not limited to, teaching a YoKid program in your immediate community; all classes will need to be recorded and submitted for review by YoKid faculty).

Additionally, all those enrolling in the Mentor & Apprentice program must submit a YoKid Teacher Application as well as a background check form prior to beginning your observation. The application and background check form can be found here.

Pre-requisites:  YoKid 20-hour Basic Training

Cost: $385

(YoKid’s 20-hour Basic Training ($445) and the 25 hour Mentor/Apprentice program ($385) can be used to fulfill  requirements in the Radiant Child Family Yoga Certification courses.