At YoKid, we believe that mind-body health in children starts with the adults in their lives. In our staff development programs we will demonstrate how to use the tools and teachings of the yoga practice with the children in your classroom.

Each of our trainings focuses on one of the four topics below and is uniquely developed based on the strengths and weaknesses of your school.

  •  Yoga in Your Classroom – Simple yoga tools for teachers and staff to use in the classroom. PreK-12th Grade
  • Yoga and Stress Management – Techniques to create a calm, relaxed, stress free environment
  • Yoga and Anger Management – Learn how to create a kind nurturing environment when working with students who have behavior challenges
  • Yoga and Concentration – Simple yoga techniques that help students focus

Participants will learn how yoga philosophy supports their classroom initiatives, a review of the developmental characteristics of children and quick simple age appropriate yoga techniques.  Including deep breathing, meditation, relaxation, and stress management.

We recommend a series of 1-4 hour workshops focused on the needs and goals of your organization’s community so that skills learned can be properly implemented and monitored for success. 

Rate: $225/hour

Complete the form below to schedule your yoga staff development today.  Call or email 703.475.0046 or with any questions.