When I began my internship at YoKid, I knew very little about the organization and even less about kids yoga (or any yoga for that matter). Because of this, every bit of the past 6 weeks has been a learning experience. I originally applied to the YoKid internship  because I was interested in learning about a growing nonprofit in the hopes of making an impact. When I began, I was worried that my lack of knowledge about kids yoga would reflect poorly to my boss, co-founder Michelle Kelsey Mitchell. Now, as I come to the final weeks of my time here this summer, I realize that I’ve become an expert on the YoKid organization, and I am passionate about the service of providing kids yoga.

Portfolio Cover

One of my major projects this summer has been to create and write a portfolio about YoKid and the benefits of kids yoga. One that could be used in all areas of business, sponsorship meetings, partnership meetings, networking, advertising, etc. It had to be a document that encompassed every aspect of our organization, and it had to look pretty too. I have had a love/hate relationship with this portfolio, but alas it has been finished, and last week when I was given a copy of the final proof before it went to print, I felt an immense sense of relief. That is until my boss, Michelle, told me that she thought I should also include information about our Staff Development and teacher certification. “More!?” I thought. But now, I realize that it was so important to include every part of our organization, because we really do so much. We don’t just stop at kids yoga instruction.

Teacher Training

YoKid spreads the power of kids yoga not only through our kids yoga classes, but also through our yoga teacher certification program, our staff development programs, adult wellness workshops, and partnership programs. Through our teacher certifications , we empower other yogis to provide life skills and healthy opportunities to children everywhere. YoKid also gives the adults involved in kids lives the opportunity to encourage mind & body health. Staff Development gives educators the chance to learn how yoga philosophy supports their classroom initiatives, a review of the developmental characteristics of children and quick simple age appropriate yoga techniques. Through our adult wellness workshop we provide an opportunity for any group of adults the chance to reduce stress, gain clarity, achieve focus, and maintain a healthy approach to living. Finally, with our partnership opportunities, we give anyone the ability to improve the lives of kids in their area by starting a YoKid program of their own.

Because of our belief in the power of yoga, it is YoKid’s mission to provide mind and body health in ALL kids, as well as the adults in their lives.