Our wonderful YoKid-Kulae Yoga mats work tirelessly to support many little hands and feet in down dogs and cobras and puppy poses.  And, while they do a great job, they can get dirty now and then — just like your own personal practice mat!  Thanks to YoKid’s awesome Teacher Assistant and teacher, Kendra, we can offer you a great way to easily and simply clean your mat or have your students help you clean theirs!


Kendra makes her own solution using things like vinegar and water and/or pure essential oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender — which are all antibacterial/antimicrobial.  Plus they smell great 🙂 Just combine and bring a small spray bottle and a few towels and have the kids help you wipe down their mats at the end of class before putting the mats away.


Just taking a few minutes to wipe down your mats will keep them clean and extend their life!