One of the greatest joys I’ve found in having children and teaching children, is the occasional chuckle that seeps out when I imagine an adult (often times myself) doing the exact same thing that that child is doing. Imagine how an 8 year old sits at the table doing his homework. He’s scooting across the bench, sitting then standing, lifting one leg up high, now sitting on one knee with the other foot flat on the ground doing what looks to be one legged squats. Now imagine yourself doing this at your desk at work. I just laughed out loud thinking about it. It always works for me. What makes you laugh?
It’s great to find your sources for laughter and to have them in your back pocket for those moments each day or week that you need them, but for a Laughter meditation you need absolutely nothing but your Self.


How to Do a Laughing Meditation
1. Begin by finding a comfortable seated or standing (or even lying) position. Take a deep breath and exhale. Take another and on that inhale lift your arms up over your head, and on the exhale sweep your arms back down to your sides.

2. Stretch your facial muscles by yawning and making silly faces.
When you’re ready just laugh! Use whatever imagery or inspiration you may need, but just allow your self to laugh. Set a timer and try for 5 minutes. The next time increase this to 10 minutes.
3. To bring your meditation to a close, find your way back to silence.
Close your eyes and find your breath.
Place both hands over your heart.

Laughter can rid the body of physical and emotional stress, it has powerful short term and long term health benefits such as stimulating the organs, soothing tension, and improving the immune system.
For more on the health benefits, visit the Mayo Clinic’s website here

peace, light, and laughter,
The YoKid team