Forbes recently published an article How Yoga Could Help Keep Kids in School.  Author Alice G. Walton posits that yoga and mindfulness training could save the United States trillions of dollars and countless lives.  How?  Well, in our experience and according to the article, “scientific evident is mounting daily for what many have long sensed: that practices like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga can help us address certain intractable individual and societal problems.”  Mindfulness practices, like yoga and meditation help us real with the stress in our lives and “help us self-regulate.”  Kids who practice yoga in schools are better able to cope with the world around them in positive ways.

In terms of economic cost alone, Cecelia Rouse at Princeton estimates that one high school dropout “costs” about $260,000 in lAffirmationPic2ost earnings over his or her lifetime. Given the fact that at least a million kids drop out of school every year, the annual cost of school failure alone is estimated at $260 billion. As Bose points out, “Over ten years, the cost is upwards of 3 trillion dollars. And this is just for dropping out alone.”

Mindfulness practices teach coping mechanisms that can help sustain students and minimize their stress.  Like Rob Schware, PhD,  says, “The math is pretty simple and clear.  We’re going to get our money back many, many times over.  There’s a huge potential retun on investments, if we’re going to implement these things systematically.”  YoKid’s mission is to bring yoga to all kids, but specifically at-risk populations and we see that yoga helps kids to cope with the stress in their lives.

Erin, one of the elementary students who took a yoga class with YoKid said:

“It helps the stress go away and I felt very relaxed when I am finished with yoga.”