Are you at the Beach right now?

From the looks of many of our Facebook friends and family, lots of people (and possibly you) are at the beach right now.


If so, perhaps you’re curious how you can incorporate your yoga practice into your beach vacation. Or maybe you didn’t even think of it, but we’re here to share a few fun ways to bring yoga into your beach vacation.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons the Beach is Made for Yoga

  1. dv2155022You don’t need a mat! a mat of any thickness can’t compare to the soft moving sand molding to the every curve of our bodies and lifting us up toward the open sky
  2. Built in soothing sound – No need for a an ipod, radio, or sound machine of any sort. The ocean creates one of the most beautiful, rhythmic and soothing sounds of all
  3. Better with eyes open – You may enjoy staring at a beautifully painted wall, or the reflection of yourself in a mirror, but try staring at the unending ocean, try resting your eyes on the subtle and sometimes crashing movements of the waves
  4. Balance poses are upheld by the sand – Have you ever tried balancing in the sand? Attempt a side plank. Than maybe tree pose. And Dancer pose? And maybe consider finishing with an arm balance. Notice the way that the sand opens up and embraces your limbs, assisting you in each balancing pose.
  5. Savasana will never be the same – Begin your Savasana lying flat on your back in the sand. Wiggle your toes, snow angel your arms and legs in the sand and smile. Breathe deeply and listen closely to the sounds of the ocean. Decide to leave your eyes open staring at the sky above, or to close your eyes and allow your mind to focus on only the sound of the waves. End with gratitude. sb10063480a-001