In our YoKid classes we often use stories for teaching yoga asana and creative play. Sometimes our teachers use books, and sometimes they tell stories and take the students through the movements.

If you’re a teacher looking for inspiration, or a parent looking to bring some yogic movement into your household, here’s a great resource.

cosmic kids yoga1

Cosmic Kids Yoga adventure videos are led by Jaime Brodie, a kids yoga teacher in England. ¬†She began creating the Cosmic Kids yoga videos in 2012 and we can now find several on YouTube as well as dvd’s available for sale from her website.

The first video in the YouTube series is titled “Squish the Fish” and begins with seated poses to warm up, using metaphoric movement of packing a picnic, taking off in an air balloon and sighting an island and the adventure takes off from there.

cosmic kids yoga2

Check out Squish the Fish and the other fabulous Cosmic Kids Yoga adventures here!