I wanted to share with you an awesome story about kids practicing yoga around the world.  In September, CNN released a three-part special about the Africa Yoga Project.

If you’re not already familiar with AYP, they teach yoga in Kenya and train teachers there to teach others.  130917170219-africa-yoga-project-maasai-child-warrior-pose-horizontal-galleryIn particular, I thought the video about “relaxing future warriors” was really applicable to YoKids mission.  Most of the students in this video are kids – young Maasai – who are learning how to be strong and peaceful warriors.  Their teacher is Jacob Parit and accordingto cnn.com “Parit and the other Maasai yoga instructors believe that the combination of yoga and their lifestyle can bring mental and physical benefits to their community. “Yoga helps me knowing who I am,” Parit says.

That quote sounds a lot like the feedback we get from local DC kids who participate in YoKid classes.  Like Melanie, a middle school student with YoKid who said, “I think it is good to have yoga programs for kids. We need it.”  Kids globally can benefit from this practice, whether they are here in the US or around the world.  Thanks, AYP, for your incredible work towards the goals we share of bringing yoga to people who might not otherwise have access.

You can see this video and two others about AYP here: http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/international/2013/09/16/spc-inside-africa-kenya-yoga-b.cnn.html