This morning I taught a yoga class themed around CONNECTING – the connection between you aIMG_5192nd your mat, the connection between you and your breath, you and your heart, and you and the others around you.

Pause for a moment to feel your feet on the floor. Are you at your desk? Feel the texture beneath your fingertips. Feel the support beneath you.

Take a deep breath in and connect to that breath. One breath feels good, grounding. Take another.

Pause, bring one hand to your heart and get quiet to hear the heartbeat. Connect with yourself.

Now, think about the others around you. How can you connect with them over the holiday season?

Often I entertain lots of guests and after they leave I feel like I missed something. This holiday season, I want to be grounded enough to really connect with my friends and family. The dishes can wait, so can picking up all the wrapping paper. Instead, take a deep breath and focus on the people in your life and on being very present for them. We believe your holiday will be richer when you are connecting with yourself and your loved ones.

Sending you love and wishes for a merry and bright holiday season! Xo, YoKid