We recently heard from an awesome family their Earth Day tradition… Going Powerless!

This family makes a pact to go as close to powerless as they can.  No cooking on the stove, no lights, no tv, no iDevices!


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Imagine waking up in the morning without your alarm clocks. Perhaps you’d open your curtains and shutters the night before, trusting that the sunlight and the sounds of the birds outside would wake you.

It’s breakfast time and your first challenge of the day. What to eat?  Will you spring for fresh fruit and yogurt? And what about packing your lunch? Perhaps you’ll pack some of your favorite fresh veggies.


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How will you get to school and work? Our family enjoys biking to work, and walking to school.  If it’s not an option, consider other ways to lessen your impact.

In the evening, when everyone is home, the real fun begins.  Explore ways to entertain one another (and escape to a corner for some alone time if necessary).  Break out the board games, card games, books.  Sit together on the floor and have some good ol’ conversation, swap a few jokes.  And see how creative you can get with dinner!  End the night with a walk in the dark, exploring the night sky, try your hand at spotting constellations.


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At home in the dark, light some candles, perhaps dust off your camping lanterns!  End the day with a discussion about what you all are grateful for today.

The Day is not over… Do you think your household can take this challenge? We want to hear how you do, and if you have other Earth Day traditions, please share!!


The YoKid Team