As research into the benefits of mindfulness is spreading, we are beginning to see more and more of the benefits of mindfulness extended to children & teens.  Some of the many benefits include:

  1. increased focus
  2. fewer mood swings
  3. reduced stress
  4. increased memory retention
  5. cultivation of kindness and compassion and so much more

For a fun mindfulness activity for teens (and adults) click here


If you live in the DC area or are planning a visit, consider attending the

“A Day of Mindfulness for Teens” Workshop

Saturday, May 31 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

at the Center for Mindful Living

4708 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Upper floor
Washington, DC 20016

Through guided meditation, small group discussions, and fun activities, participants will practice mindful awareness. Teens will gain a deeper awareness of the body/mind connection and will practice using tools to settle a busy mind and skillfully handle challenging emotions and thoughts. Teens will also practice techniques to cultivate kindness and compassion, as well as authentic and mindful communication.

The day also involves an interactive social component of small group discussions and interactive exercises to deepen the learning and cultivate connection and empathy between daylong participants and their peers. To learn more and to register click here.

And don’t forget, our next YoKid 20-hour Basic Teacher Training¬†will be coming up June 6-8 in Baltimore, MD.

For more info and to sign up online, click here.

Hope to see you soon,


The YoKid Team