YoKid’s Favorite Affirmations for Kids & Teens


  1. I am PeacefulGyan Mudra
  2. I am Calm
  3. I am be kind to myself & others
  4. I use my breath to be happy
  5. I am peaceful in my mind, body, and heart
  6. I have an open mind, and loving heart, and listening ears
  7. I am strong in my mind & body
  8. I share my positive energy with all those around me
  9. I keep love & peace in my heart and everywhere I go
  10. I always speak with my heart, fill my heart with laughter, and listen to my body
  11. I am Loved
  12. I am the best me that I can be
  13. I always let my light shine
  14. I am beautiful
  15. I am supported
  16. I am enough
  17. I am kind and respectful to others and myself
  18. I am whole, I am safe, I am loved
  19. All is well in this moment
  20. I appreciate myself and others
  21. I love and accept myself exactly as I am.
  22. I do my best
  23. I am strong
  24. I am safe
  25. I am the best me I can be
  26. I am loving
  27. I am accepting of myself and others
  28. I am open to new ideas
  29. I trust in myself and others
  30. I am important
  31. I am valuable
  32. I am worthy of a happy and healthy life
  33. I am safe
  34. I am powerful
  35. I am helpful and caring
  36. I share my love and watch it grow
  37. I am whole and perfect just the way I am
  38. I am loving
  39. I am kind and loved
  40. All I see is me
  41. I believe in myself
  42. I honor my mind, my body, and my spirit
  43. I am at peace with myself and others
  44. I am be content with what I have and with what others have
  45. I am kind to myself and others
  46. I am grateful for this time to do yoga
  47. I am at peace with my mind and with my body
  48. I am an individual and will honor myself
  49. I always love myself
  50. I always respect myself my peers, and elders
  51. I accept all of me
  52. I honor myself and others
  53. I am love, I am peace, I am joy
  54. I glow and radiate goodness
  55. I respect myself, my teacher, and everyone else
  56. I am open to learning new things
  57. I am patient with myself
  58. I respect myself and others
  59. I always try my best
  60. I am open-minded
  61. I quiet my mind by focusing on a peaceful place
  62. I do my best to get along with everyone
  63. I use my breathe to be calm
  64. I am focused

Affirmations in Action for Kids





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